Brilliant Recycled Lamp Bulb Used Creation ideas

the bulb lights are not popular since you can see the lights on and all the LEDs. Due to the fact that the LEDs are more energy efficient and the light is even brighter, it can actually replace any bulb with a LED or even light.

When a bulb is replaced by an LED lamp or a radio, more and more people are creative about the light bulb for a variety of unique creations. there are those that turn it into a toy, which is the decoration with it, or the idea that is more like a flower vase and when seasoning.

if you have a used bulb and are confused about what to do, you need to see craft creations from recycling this bulb. ideas like this can also be like you.
You can use a storage or toy tree to make a terrarium like this. Paint the used bulb with a variety of colors, then hang using a fishing line. if there is no strap on, you can replace it with one or more types of rope that can close.

nor can you make a decoration like this from a mixture of cement and soil which can not be used as a bulb. This alternative is more, because it won’t be easy to get from a bulb lamp.
I’ve seen such ornaments on merchandise on the supermarket or in the accessories section. I used to sit down and was curious about the way they made a miniature on the screen in a bulb. but after getting the tutorial on the internet, it was not difficult.
And here are some galleries that might be an inspiration for you to make handicrafts from bulb lights

  1. Vase hanging from a used bulb
  2. Paste flower vase from a used bulb
  3. flower pots from used bulbs
  4. Terrarium in a used bulb
  5. miniature in a used bulb
  6. Origami is in a bulb as a decoration
  7. Even though the spices are made from a bulb
  8. a birthday candle holder made of a jar and a bulb
  9. the lights are made of used bulbs
  10. Hanging decoration from used bulb
  11. Take care of it in the bulb
  12. hot air balloon from the bulb lamp


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