unique craft ring from epoxy resin

Epoxy is a copolymer formed from two different chemicals, called “resin” and “hardener” or hardener. This epoxy in the world has a structure and crafts can be in several interests. Among them As a furniture upholstery, the interior floor coating material and in my room will be used in various jewelry creations such as rings.

So now is the use of this epoxy also grouped, how come? while from the rest of it, the epoxy is for clothes, for jewelry, for furniture upholstery and for the interior floor of the building.
this time we will have one that can be produced by some resin and hardener, and this article will be the opening article that will be discussed about the unique epoxy resin. the ring ring for beauty is our topic this time, when I first saw this work I was fascinated by the beauty of every detail of the design. to know this ring can be used by using special epoxy jewelry

you can, if this is the first time you have a design idea that is much better than now. I can use wood with my head to be able to use epoxy which is given flowers. You can, on the part of my fracture which is then inundated by epoxy resin, the puddle is sure to be enough to form a ring.
Other things that are also from this ring are my fault which is exposed so that it resembles a mountain mountain or even a skyscraper building. including the flower buds that are colorful as well as possible from the head. make sure the type of wood that is used is a fine fiber that forms exotic fracture cracks.

Epoxy which is used is mixed with coloring to have an aesthetic impression on the ring, use dyes that have the compatibility of the ingredients with epoxy resin, whatever color can be used Very much with the creativity of each, however It is better if the impression is clear like on the epoxy , this is far better to do.

Then the next ring is more like this, forming a perfect cylinder with a convex surface, which can make this epoxy ring as well as the circular flower in the direction of the cylinder. similar things can also be done in making epoxy. the flower that you choose is of course small and can be rounded up.

Epoxy is also applied only to the possibility that the main ring’s circumference can be even more or less and only the epoxy is only the ring head. to beautify the epoxy ring’s head An intact flower can be placed As an accent it can be, the results can be even.
Last but not least, what I have reviewed this time is certainly not something that is standard, but it is hoped that stimulating the idea can be more varied and creative. The use of epoxy for this creative product product is likely to have a greater number of products in the world of craft


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