unique earrings craft made from epoxy resin

earrings are the same as when jewelry is hung on the ear, jewelry seems to be like this, which is a variant, with various forms and styles, and everything is made of several types and materials. generally more dimensionless but not too expensive. As for earrings, it is any material, but maybe it is quite familiar with all of us at this time, such as the epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin is a mixture of two resin and hardener materials, which produce clear glass like glass. You can go back to where we are introducing epoxy to make it more complete with this material. also need to know, also, this is the second article from the article titled various creations such as epoxy resin

all kinds of pairs from the shape, and from the size of the earrings are designed to be lighter and tend to be thinner if the size is different. like other creations epoxy earrings can be combined with other materials. As a matter of course, as it happens, this will be like a combination with flowers, a bunch of butterflies, wood, leaves and even accents.

when you have the impression of a stronger epoxy, we do not recommend a combination like ours at the same time, but the volume of wood is much larger than the epoxy, so my impression is better than the epoxy earrings themselves. it is necessary in the future at this epoxy which is especially useful for jewelry creation creations.

This epoxy tends to be more like the color and more so, we also know about the various types of epoxy outside you, but in general you can understand epoxy can be in three types of lines such as epoxy for floors, furniture and jewelry or at the same time, Šstо is enough when I have epoxy for the next time I get it.


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