creative ideas from plastic bottle caps

The bottle cap of the material is divided into three, the first is made of iron, then made of plastic and made from wood, this time will be specifically discussing various handicrafts from used plastic bottle caps.

Plastic bottle caps that are intended in our discussion this time concern various types of bottles, ranging from the small to the biggest, even in one or two of our examples this time the bottle cap is combined with the lid of a much larger plastic jar. The bottle cap lid which is then created into this unique handicraft can be obtained from various types of bottles.
Starting from the aqua bottle cap, fanta, cocacola, vehicle oil bottle cap, bimoli oil bottle cap and various household materials that use plastic bottles as a container.

These bottle caps are collected, cleaned and sorted according to their color and size, before they are ready for creation. This will greatly facilitate us in the process of designing unique products that we want.
The bottle cap lid can be made into a cute flower flower decoration, which can decorate a home interior room table, placed on a buffet.

The bottle cap lid can also be created into a flower that adorns the garden in the outer space or the yard. Even this bottle cap can be used as a ground cover and functions as a step stone in the garden or yard.

The bottle cap lid can also be used as a unique and cheerful curtain or door curtain. Arranged with certain shapes to form a very beautiful curtain pattern. This is where one of the roles of sorting bottle caps when bottle caps are designed to form a certain pattern. Bottle caps can also be packaged into lamps or lamp houses that are very modern and minimalist.

Where the bottle cap is arranged neatly to form a perfect box or rectangle, then put together with other arrangements to form a box or box that can be used as a lamp.

The bottle cap can also be used as an accent on the wall and can even be used to cover the wall as a whole.
Other creations that are equally unique, this plastic bottle cap can be created as a puppet game that can be hung or carried like a doll for children.

The process is quite easy just by using a fabrick rope which is tucked into the lid of a plastic bottle that has been perforated to form and resemble the composition of a puppet doll.
In certain cases even these plastic bottle caps can be created into unique furniture from bottle caps, chairs or tables. of course to strengthen these furniture, the bottle cap is combined with a more sturdy construction of furniture such as iron or wood, while the bottle cap can be used as a seat and backrest, in the case of the table can be used as the main field of the table.

The bottle cap can also be used as a table topper from kitchen appliances, such as glasses, plates and others, the purpose of which is to protect the table from the heat of objects directly placed on it.

Unique basket as a place for children’s toys or as a place for dirty clothes can also be created from these used plastic bottle caps. The attractive color will be a distinctive accent in the corner of your home’s interior. There are advantages to using this plastic bottle cap, apart from being abundant in availability compared to iron bottle caps, plastic bottle caps can also be directly created after being removed from the bottle, not requiring further processing as iron bottle caps.

The thing you need to consider when creating with this bottle cap is the first when you want a design that gives the impression of luxury and tends to eliminate the impression of the bottle cap you should use one type of bottle cap color for each product creation. Make sure sorting is really neat and clean before processing, use a neat arrangement when you use several types of bottle cap colors and finally start creating


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