Ice Cream Sticks Craft Ideas

Crafts have many types and shapes. In addition, handicraft crafts have an artistic value that can be enjoyed by beauty and function. The medium used also varies. Crafters can also be called artisans or artists. One of the craft materials is the ice cream stick. In addition to being easy to get, manufacturers do not need large capital.

Because creativity is the beginning of innovation and a great idea. Below are various types of craft that can use ice cream sticks.

Ice ice cream can be made as a unique outdoor light as a decoration in your room. You can create a sleeping pattern according to what you enjoy. There are some common patterns such as rectangles and circles.

Both are decoration in the room, you are a light sleeper made of ice cream stick that also has a selling point. You can buy in a couvenir shop as a gift or by family, relatives, and more.

We can do a pencil case when we are in elementary school. How to make it easy, you just have to stick the ice cream stick to form a box and make it like a box.

The pencil box made of ice cream sticks has the simple benefits of wrapped the stationery so that it does not become two. Besides it is also good for beautifying study tables and work desks.

The art creations produced by ice ice cream are another miniature form of the table. This table is unique to your home when you decorate a table or a cupboard. In addition, creating a miniature table of ice cream sticks is very easy.

The trick is to trim the ice cream stick according to the desired shape. Then stick the ice cream stick and stick with the glue stick. You can also decorate it accordingly.

Tissue boxes are usually made of plastic. This is very common and there is no unique value that you can enjoy. You can make the ice cream an option to make your home-of-box tiles more attractive and unique.

You can also design the shape of a tissue box according to your needs. To add something unique, you can decorate it with your taste.

The benefits of making craft using ice cream sticks are easy to form 3-dimensional objects. One home builder using ice cream sticks. You only need to design your desired home and manage the ice creams that can shape you.

Going to an informal mobile or gadget can make them fall and fall. But you can do artistic and useful craftsmanship for your mobile phone. Creating a mobile phone with an ice cream stick is very simple and easy.

You can also create a unique photo frame with ice cream. Great for wall decoration in the living room or living room. Photo frames for ice cream can give a classic and elegant impression to your home.

You can also decorate a beautiful flower vase with an ice cream stick. You can also make the flower vase according to your request. You can transform flower vases from ice cream sticks into table decorations or terrace decorations. Even the ice cream jar except for the space has its peculiarity.

This craft is very suitable for use in café cafes that carry a classic concept. Glass glasses with ice cream sticks can give a refreshing touch to drinks or drinks. The way to do it is not very complicated. But it looks simple but has a very powerful classic impression when combined with a classic coffee theme.

The craft library with ice cream sticks can save you money compared to your wardrobe, you can also save space in your home. You can hang these shelves on the walls of your room.

Besides being a unique decoration, it is not so difficult. It is very effective for you to have space.


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