home decor creations from tree trunks and twigs

Usually, I am a good ingredient to perform various types of superior hand products. My character is strong and easy to use. One reason is that many committees come with a variety of ideas and creations with one hand. from the start of the kitchen, to the accessories, although there are stairs made. After all, my heart is like a scrapbook, often used as a chair, but also a home decor.

However, until now, there are also ideas or articles that tend to be done anytime, or vintage, which is often used as a combination of modern and minimalist designs that are practical at this time. though, in fact, I can only have a little time, which does not happen to someone who does not exist.

Through dry trunks

Anyone who wants to say that you are dry and in this way or in some parts of the community, except firewood, with the touch of art and can be made as a unique decorative light and will be different to your room, even if more green ornaments are connected to the front library, will be added.

Garnish with dry twigs

As a result, decorations in the form of paintings or fōtо can now be found in many places and often enough at home, but if you’re in another room, you could try applying decorations made with this dry wood rayon, right? Unique Because at the beginning, sometimes, it offers a sweet frame

Wooden table lamp

After making decorative plates for your room, this time it’s still dry. As the table lamp is now in a room cl, a non-vertical shape of wood makes it unique form and value. .

Room divider and even wood

To separate between the rooms we need partition or separation, the goal is nothing more than the privacy between the rooms and what is usually separate is your room with a space. The restrictions they use can be a TV rack or a bookcase, but there are also wooden sticks and twigs. As it is divided between rooms as images at this time, the rooms will be better and unlike me.

Wooden shelves

It is also a unique adornment with my personal treasure, which creates friendly support for me, which has been branched, because it is normal for us to find a buffer made of what can be sold in a wedding shop or grocery store . . Furthermore, the wall is also covered in wood, so it will be more integrated.

workbench of log

I want to have it here in a different house and be closed at the same time, you can make a concept like this now, using split products and used as a table support, this will last a long time. However, this seems impossible at home, but if you feel unique using this table, there is a long table without partitions. You can now meet at the office.

Hangers from twigs

For those of you who have free and soulless time, today you might be able to make hangers and photos. just use your former branch table and pieces, you can already make a coat hanger with that concept, don’t use any more material. Who or not you can later too

photo frame of atree branch

Bored with the appearance of frames or frames that are exactly like that and the price is pretty good. I like you at home, getting worse with only a few pieces of food, wood glue and decorations, but you are not the only frame for yourself and ready for your next photo.

You hang it from a tree trunk

This is no less unique than the current wooden lamps, and certainly very rarely at home. If you try it, you can collect some of your batteries in the middle of the hole with a drill for this when you get a light bulb so that the light is on, it will be unique.

it turns out that the rest of our pieces and branches that we think are no longer suitable for use, we still use them. you are interested in doing when this model is active. Next time I have.


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