ancient art that has changed from the original

My new time has become the first place in the world. The nature of entropy of time affects many things in our lives, one of which is Art. Kun®’s artwork and some of our good and respectable architecture will still be eroded by time and time. Even though it exists today, it only existed a few centuries ago. but they are not alone until now, as before. below is the remainder of the seven remaining ancient Art which is now only at one time or another.

Archimedes Palimpsest

on the 13th, Archimedes Palimpsest, which was an ancient 10th-century Greek-Byzantine language, was destroyed by people by the way the manuscript was written as if they were Christians. it was damaged, much of it as a copy of a work unknown to the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes, but intact.

Centuries later, in the 1920s, Archimedes Palimpsest manuscripts that had been released in the Suаtu library in Jerusalem in Constantinople were lost. Over the years, after a series of events, it was discovered that someone had codified the text to increase its black market value, which actually eliminated the underlying text.

Greek and Roman sculptures

At least in the 18th century, the marble surface was made of Greek statues and only Roman was worshiped as a symbol of life and refined elegance, and had become a lasting quality. but strangely enough, the white surface that begins to fade is actually a lie. in the 1980s, German classical archeologist Vinzenz Brinkmann learned that after only a few observations, some classic works turned out to be colors, after this time they faded and disappeared illusively for years. .

Years after his discovery, Brinkmann (his wife, archaeologist Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann) began making sculptures – while still being saved, by adding color to the surface as a statue. this is only possible to allow others to catch a glimpse of the actual work and at the beginning of their creation.

Antikythera mechanism

found from a shipwreck in June, Greece in 1901, the Antikythera Mechanism at the same time as a very rusty wheelchair, which can easily be ignored as debris by divers coming on it (with abundant artifacts and jewelry available on board). Even though Antikythera is a mechanism with a national Archeology museum in Athens, it’s about what happens to the mechanism solved. Until 1959, when I was working Derek De Solla Price completed an 8-year x-ray study of the heritage. Price later concluded that it was a kind of analog computer that served as an astronomical tool to predict eclipses for astrological purposes. In the midst of its outdated appearance, archaeologists have made replicas of everything like rust. just a little like a needle that might not be based on what’s in the sea.

Temple of Artemis

the temple of Artemis was originally located in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus (which is now the Turkish city of Turkey). Originally, Artemis was built in bronze, destroyed in the 7th century BC, before it was built in 550 BC. Some of the more interesting cities will be from the first to the wonders of the ancient world. but this suffered and burned in 356 BC. the temple of Artemis was rebuilt in a more bombastic place in 323 BC. even though the situation was unheard of, it would eventually be left to collapse so it would run out like this.

Decoration of the Egyptian Temple

such as Greek and Roman statues, as well as hieroglyphics and other decorations in Egyptian temples, Kun® is not consumed visually by time as shown today. Some cream colors are often associated with ancient Egyptian art as a result of the hue of damage due to bad weather and time when traveling. These works, originally painted with a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from blue and red in blue to less frequent blends of colors such as purple and green. like some Greek statues, some of these Egyptian decorations retain the colors that are visible, although many are like Dendur temples in the Met yet.


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